Which Muscovy drake to eat?

DStewart PDX

6 Years
May 25, 2013
Portland, Oregon
My scovies are ten weeks. I am pretty sure I have three drakes and two ducks. I would like to keep one drake and the two ducks for breeding, and eat two drakes. The candidates: The largest drake, who has outgrown the other two by a fair margin, but is also a bit of a bully and may or may not have killed the other large drake. The dark drake, still good sized, but not the walking table roast the other is, but clearly much smarter and has not displayed aggression. Or the third drake, the smallest, who would maybe benefit from a few more weeks to grow? I am tempted to eat the big guy now, since he has shown some aggressive behaviors. However, he has settled down since the other big boy died under mysterious circumstances. Now that he has no close size competition, maybe he will just settle into a leadership role and be a great drake. Or do I keep the smart one for breeding? The one who is quick, and has learned everything first, always? Your thoughts are appreciated!
If you want table ducklings from them.. Keep the largest....if you want moderated in size ducklings and that are smart and more active and have more natural behaviour you can breed the smaller... I would choose the smaller one because I like seeing my ducks fly around.... and not heavy and have a hard time walking....
personally we butcher ALL aggresive birds. They have no place in a breeding program here. Often a bully will drive smaller birds from feed. Remove the bully and you get a smaller drake who blossoms.
Yup, caught him this morning picking on the smaller drake! I know who's going into the pot this weekend! :)
Thanks for your encouragement and feedback, friends!

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