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    Apr 14, 2007
    How on earth, do you ever decide on who you will keep and who you will sell? On July 19th, I purchased eleven, 4week old, true Ameraucanas. They were straight run. I had decided I would keep 4 or 5 pullets and sell the rest. Well, three weeks ago, I sold two little roos. It was an easy decision, knowing I wouldn't want any roos. Then I sold a pullet to a BYC member... Hard but not too bad-since I know she will have a good home.... Well, I am now down to 7 pullets and one roo... Two that will stay has been a easy choice--- One is the smallest black pullet, she has no muff and no tail (NOT "SOP" by any means). She is the friendliest of them all! The second - a the only pale blue pullet who is friendly, beautiful color, tail, legs, face, eyes and looks like she has two 'boas' (muffs) on her neck... From the others---I have no idea how to choose.. Since these are for my own personal eggs, I will not be showing... BUT I thought I might keep the last blue roo to hatch out some to sell from the best blue eggs and to put over my BO __For EE and over my FBC Marans for Olive Eggers. I want one more blue and one more black pullet --leaving three pullets to sell...

    So, how do you choose?? Since they are only 16weeks old and not laying --I can't choose the best color of egg.. The ones left are even on personality--size and color are close, none are really spectacular in any way.. I keep looking at the SOP, reading and hoping something will 'jump out at me... I really want to get the sold and get the keepers in the cage next to the big girls--trying hard to get them integrated before winter or before the holidays start rolling around, in about 6 weeks..

    Thank you all for any advice/suggestions/ideas...Dixie
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    May 13, 2010
    Oh, that's an easy one. Just do what I do. Keep them all! [​IMG]

    My hens reproduce with one rooster on board here, so my thought was always to keep the pretty, plump, sweet hens, in order to keep those genes multiplying. I figured on getting rid of the more shy or ornery or less lustrous looking ones.

    But then I never could part with anyone of them, except one rooster who wasn't so good looking and was too rough with the hens I thought, although I've never seen a hen really appreciate a rooster very much.

    But if you're not going to reproduce them, and just keep them for eggs, I'd keep the friendly ones who look the healthiest and lay the best eggs. If you keep them long enough to find that out.

    Edit: Oh wait a minute. It does look like you're going to hatch some.
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    Apr 14, 2007
    Thanks NHchick! I wish I could keep them all but I have known all along that I couldn't. I don't want to 'flood' my coop and run w/ too many of ONE breed! LOL

    We will be moving to our farm (our forever home) in a short while and we will build a larger divided coop..but until then I need to stay focused on my 'plan'..for eye candy in the yard and color in the egg basket!

    It's been a much harder decision than I ever dreamed it would be. Chicken Math at work, I am sure!

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