Which Rooster To Keep??


10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Jefferson, Wisconsin
As my chicks are growing up, I'm realizing that I have too many roosters, and I need to figure out which ones to get rid of. I'm keeping my birds for eggs/pets, and I don't plan on hatching babies (because I already have a list of different breeds I want for next year). They won't be free ranging, so having a roo to look after the girls really isn't a concern. With that in mind - I have the following birds:

2 SLW bantams (one rooster), 2 polish crested (both roosters), 5 BR (maybe a rooster in there), 7 BO (one rooster), 2 GLW, 2 EE, 3 SF, 1 partridge rock, and 2 silkies.

I figure that I can probably do two roosters - hopefully

The SLW rooster is a tough guy, and I'm worried that the older he gets he may get more aggressive. The older PC is more docile, and the other roosters are only about 5 weeks old, so their personalities haven't started to come out too much yet.

Also, the SLW rooster has started to crow - the PC older roo does, a little, but he's still pretty pathetic sounding. Crowing is a little bit of a concern, because I found out I'm living illegally right now. My neighbors all know I have chickens, and no one has complained yet - but I don't want to risk it with a noisy rooster.

And I've got to worry about my kids, I don't want a rooster who scares/chases/attacks my kids.

Any suggestions on who goes?
Honestly, i would wait and watch. As they come of age, 4-6 months, they will show their rooster personalities. i've had little roos i've just loved, loved, loved, and then they turned into meanies. So just wait and pick the ones you like best. i would also wait until they really get into crowing, because some of them will crow till your ears bleed, others not so much. Good luck!
I always as my SIL for advice, she has a chicken farm!
I am also new to the chicken family, and as my chicks are growing up.. I am fearful HOW MANY are roos!!

I also am just raising them for eggs and pets!!!
She says as long as they grow up together 2 roos SHOULD live fine together as long as there are enough hens. 10+

BUT I also am waiting....just wait to see their personalities in the next 2 months......then you can easily decide!

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