Which rooster to keep?

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    Out of eight straight run chicks, three roosters is a pretty good ratio... but still too many! Should I keep one? Which one?

    The Buff Orpington rooster is clearly top dog, he herds the girls around and shares food with them. I think he's the best rooster as far as keeping the flock safe *but* he has started doing his little chicken dance and pecking my feet.

    The Easter Egger is gorgeous, but apparently they develop slower, he didn't crow for weeks after the others and he isn't really interested in the hens yet.

    The Barred Rock is lowest on the totem pole and gets chased by the other two, though he does bother the hens.

    Do I keep the BO even though he's starting to be a pain? The EE doesn't "match" anybody (the hens are BO and BR) -- I took a chance hoping for a hen. If I keep the BR will he come into his own after the other two are gone?

    Or do I really not need a rooster to keep the hens safe? We do have hawks and it seems like only the BO watches for them and gets everybody under the porch!

    Then the next problem is getting someone to take them... the free rooster ad at the local store turned up no takers. :::sigh::: I guess I need to learn to process them myself.

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    Hey Wendy - - -

    You can train your rooster that you are alpha rooster. I pick mine up and walked around and did chores with him whenever he mounted a female in front of me, gave me the stink eye, crowed when I came around, etc . . . These are all signs of him establishing his dominance over YOU. By picking him up and rubbing his comb and wattles, you place him in a submissive position. DON'T hit or kick him. If you do - - - then you are challenging him rooster style and you may get jumped when you aren't looking.

    My roo does not crow when I come up any more and he follows me when I lead the girls out of the pen. He looks at me and listens when I call his name. There has been a HUGE change in his personality since I started using this technique. I haven't had to pick him up in a month now.

    Your EE is not crowing because the orp has already established himself a alpha roo. The barred rock is getting picked on becuase he is messing with the hens and has not acknowledged the orp's position in the flock. KEEP whichever roo you want babies from. The other roo's will step up and lead the flock when the orp is gone.

    If you are free ranging your hens - - - you should have a roo. If you don't have at least 20 hens, you really won't need 2 roos.
    Each roo can service at least 10 hens with no problems. I have 1 roo and 15 hens. I see the roo getting to every girl every day ! ! !
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    I would wait another week or two and see which is your favorite. If the BO roo isn't too obnoxious to you or the hens, go ahead and keep him. He sounds like a good flock roo.
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    The ORP sounds like the best to keep, and if he keeps peeking at you peek him back with your finger:D
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    I would process the EE Roo, right away. The BR will then show his colors, then choose between the BO and the BR. But it probably will be the BO unless you can't show him you are alpha. By the way, the BR is learning from the BO, so he will know what to do to protect the hens.

    I went a year without a Roo and they choose their own leader who scouted out the skies and gave the warning. We have a lot of Hawks.

    If you don;t want chicks, then you don't really need a Roo.

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