Which "spangled" breed?


12 Years
Sep 5, 2010
I am limited on the number of chickens I can have. I would like to have one "spangled" or tri-colored chicken, but can't decide which to pick.

Desired traits:
Can handled confinement
Good egg layer
Cold hardy

Breeds I'm considering:
Jubilee Orpington
Speckled Sussex
Russian Orloff
Orpingtons are notoriously friendly, and exceptional chickens for a family. They are even tempered and calm. It has been said that their docile nature makes them easily picked on by others in a flock. Eggs: The Buff Orpington is a good layer of medium sized brown eggs.
The speckeled sussex: Their calm and docile personality means that they're adaptable to most kinds of living arrangements. They love to forage so make great free-rangers, but they're calm enough to be able to cope with a more confined space too - ideal if you don't have a lot of room.
Yea, that's kind of what I found about the breeds also. Hence why I am having a problem picking one. All the breeds sound great but I only have space left for 1 of them. :p
Maybe get an Easter Egger, they come in a variety of colors and most are multicolored...this is my Easter Egger hen Wendy
I really vote for the Speckled Sussex!! My girl is one of the most personality-heavy chickens I have, she comes running, no, sprinting whenever she sees one of us!:) Lays eggs very reliably and extremely cold hardy..I live in Wyoming and if you know anything about Wyoming weather, you'll know what I mean.;)

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