Which thermometer to trust???


11 Years
May 19, 2008
I set my eggs last night in the incubator, (11 eggs). I have 3 thermometers in there. 1 that came with the incubator, 1 that came with the egg turner and 1 that I bought at WalMart (a digital thermometer and hygrometer). 1 regular one is on the left side of the incubator and reads around 100 all the time. This one is placed between 2 eggs, closer to the bottom of the eggs. The second regular one is placed on top of the eggs on the right side of the incubator and reads much higher, around 104-106. The digital is placed DIRECTLY above the second regular one, also towards the top of the eggs and reads much lower than the other two at around 97. How do I know which to trust???? And also, when should I be able to candle and see some sort of sign of life/growth? I don't have high hopes for these eggs with the shipping/packaging and the amount of yolk on the surviving eggs and would like to be able to remove duds as soon as possible. I understand that if there is bacteria in them it can spread to the others and kill them???
I didn't think a "medical " thermometer would only read if it wasn't actually touching something...meaning it doesn't read air temp?
Ain't seen a glass one in years but they should work. Here's what I have in mine.


There is still a chance of getting one that is off but because of the liability they are usually more accurate.
I think I do have one. I would want to check the temp at the top of the eggs, middle or bottom?
In a still air incubator its the temp at the top of the egg. Thats the trick with oral thermometers is getting the probe in the right place an still being able to turn it on an read it.

If you have a weather thermometer that has a probe you can put the probe in hot water(100*F) an then put the oral thermometer in there an see how far off your weather thermometer is. Then just use the weather thermometer.
I just use the thermometer that came with it. I have hatched eggs out with a 100 watt bulb on a damp wash cloth. for the 1st time I ordered eggs on the net & bought a hova bator, we are on day 15 & out of 17 eggs I believe only 5 are fertile. is this normal? we wanted to start raising jersey giants.this is why we ordered them

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