which would you say makes a better pet silkie,Cochin, or D'anver?

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    Which would you say makes a better pet Silkie,Cochin, or D'anver?
    Please state your opinion. Thanks!
  2. chews chooks

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    Oct 7, 2012
    silkie because they are quiet frendly docile and tend not to dig or forage so dont mess up your garden and require minimal space or attention. however due to their odd plumage they are prone to mites and ticks so look out for them
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    Is your question in regards to the male or female of the various breeds mentioned?

    I am partial to the D'anver. I think the hens are the most gentle of all breeds out there. Most seem to enjoy being held. The D'Anver is a great small bantam breed but the males tend to be a little on the aggressive side. But due to the D'Anver's small size the male just seems more funny and cannot really be very fierce.
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    -love d'Anvers! Our little roo is absolutely fabulous! -great li'l bird, very protective of his flock but not aggressive at all. -allows my daughter to tote him around. He always alerts the flock to any danger (especially hawks).
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    I love our bantam Cochins; of all of our birds they are the calmest when handled and the most tolerant of change. Both rooster and hens are placid and friendly. The rooster helps raise the chicks, and two of our hens trade off chick-raising duties whenever one of them hatches eggs, so the chicks grow up with three parent figures.

    That said, the d'Uccles run a close second. I've never kept d'Anvers, but love my d'Uccle hens that came from the feed store: they raised up very tame and fairly friendly, although they're a little spookier than the Cochins. The d'Uccle trio that I raised in their own little coop, on the other hand, were never friendly at all.

    I'm not wild about Silkies: every bird we kept, hand-raised or not, was just a case of hysterics looking for a place to happen. That said, my little Silky/d'Uccle mix, who was hand-raised because she is blind, is hands-down the best pet ever. And our other Silky/d'Uccle mix, Beetle, is completely calm to handle, never aggressive, and even more devoted to his chicks than the Cochin roo. So although our Silkies were insanely nervous and panicky, they produced some great little bantam crosses. (I'm sure any Silky fanciers out there are horrified at the thought of mixing Silkies with d'Uccles! Believe me, it was not planned. [​IMG])

    In any case, give your chicks lots of handling and human contact during their first two months, and you should end up with a very good pet.

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