While searching for Mikeschick my wife


8 Years
May 17, 2011
Colorado Springs
I noticed that there are 28 pages of people (members) that have never even posted to this site....I would like to see us BYC ers change this and lower this number. So lets see how many pages we can get our no posting members down to. We are starting at 28 so lets send out some greetings to these people and get them involved.
OK, so alot of people make fun of my user name. My real name is Roberta, and that was already taken.
I was thinking that maybe I joined years ago, and forgot...
So I sent an e-mail to Roberta asking... are you me?
But it probably went to my compuserve e-mail address!
And I never got an answer. How do you know if the accounts are really "dead"?
What should you say in the PM?
It would be a waste of time trying to greet those "dead flatliners" for those who signed up but never post. I think they are more of lurkers, nothing else.

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