whining or crying chicken sounds


9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
Johnson City, Tn
Every night when I put the girls to bed (i.e. go to close and lock the door to their run) they make these whining sounds that almost sound like they are crying or stressed out. It is usually when they are up on the highest roosting board. During the day they make their normal chickens sounds. When we first moved them into the coop part of the tractor they had a regular routine where a couple would go in, get on the roost board, and make this call to the rest who would respond. Eventually they'd all get inside and settled in for the night.

Being so new to chickens I am not sure of what all of the sounds mean. It sounds like they are stressed with the whole event of me coming out and closing the door. I do have to get a couple of chin rubs and chicken pettings at the same time which they tolerate.

Any idea of what the sounds mean?

4 luv of eggs

9 Years
Apr 22, 2010
Westminster, MD
I'd like to know this too. I still have some in the brooder in the house and they begin that loud whiny, begging sound as it gets late. Eventually they go into a purring, trilling sound that gets softer and finally all is silent. My guess is it's all part of the settling down process and vying for position. But I love the purring. I will miss that when they finally graduate.

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