white ameraucana hen auction


8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
1 1/2 yr old ameraucana hen very friendly just stopped supplemental light so laying is slowing down just dont have room for her and im starting a lavender orpington project.

bidding will start at $5.00 and please post to bid dont pm !!!

i can ship anywhere except hi and va and local pickup is also available

auction ends saturday 2/4 7:00 pm eastern time and she will ship the following monday weather permitting

she will ship in a new horizon shipping box with fruit

i have no controll over what happens after she leaves my hands

shipping varies from $30 to $65 pm with zip code for a quote

paypal due immediatley after auction to [email protected]
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Does she lay colored eggs....what color?
just curious

Im in CT, a long drive, but still cheaper than that shipping.
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She lays nice blue eggs and on occasion very light green
Shipping would only be $30 to stafford springs I go by zip code for pricing
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I would love to take her but I'm sorry I can't/wouldn't do 40$ total for 1 hen. She is absolutely gorgeous though! If u were willing to send 1 more EE with her I'd possibly go for it. Pm me if there's anyway to work with that. Thanks
I wish shipping wasn't so gol-darn expensive! I would love to take this hen off your hands but I'm way, way too far away and cannot spend $65 shipping on one bird.
Shipping to you would be $45 (I know still expensive) but I could throw in a 4 month old Dominique pullet if you are interested

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