White Ameraucanas **Breeder Stock**


10 Years
Apr 17, 2009
Central Illinois
I have decided to sell of my flock of White Ameraucanas, they are from show stock and would make good breeders. I have 1 Cock 2 Hens 1 Cockerel and 5 Pullets. I am asking $20 Each $55 for a trio or $150 for the flock. I have pictures of the males posted will get pictures of the females soon.
If you want them shipped you have to provide a box and will pay actual shipping cost.

What I am most interested in is laying hens right now. How old are the two hens and are they still laying? I think I would take a trio if they can be housed together. I live in rural Paw Paw right off Rte 39. Call me if you like 815-627-9180.

Thank a lot!

I know it's been about 2 weeks since you posted this but if you have them left I would like to buy your flock. PM me or give me a call 620 617 2404.
Hello OSUman--

Haven't heard back from you. Looks like you might have sold your flock much to my dismay! Let me know if I'm wrong.


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