White and Black breeds


May 4, 2020
Toms River, NJ
So our family started our first flock this spring and fell in love. We had 6 chicks at first but were forced to give up our barred rock because he was a cockerel and we are not allowed to have them. We promised our son that we would get another barred rock in the spring and wanted to add 2 more chicks with it. I want an easter egger for some blue eggs and my wife really wants a chicken that is black and white. She was set on a light brahma until she saw a picture of a huge one. Does anyone have light brahma in a picture next to say a RIR or Wyandotte? Or if they are that huge does anyone have suggestions for a breed that is black and white similar to a light brahma.


6 Years
Jun 15, 2015
I do not have pics, and it has been a very long time since a had light brahmas, but I had them with Wyandottes and they were not significantly bigger. Hope that helps :)
Columbian rocks and Delawares are patterned similarly, but I’ve never had them so I can’t say about their size in reference to other breeds :)

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