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    I have a lovely young pair of pure White Showgirls available. They are heterozygous (bearded and bowtied), so could be used to begin a linebreeding program. They are 10 weeks old, too young to sex yet. They are beautiful, with good silkie conformation, 5 toes, great purple skin, middle toe feathering, and excellent vaulted skulls and crests. They both have beards and bowties. They will be sexually mature at about 6 months. These cuties are out of Inga Ladd stock. Photos are of them at about 5 weeks, they are much bigger and fluffier now, their crests are enormous already. Please visit our website at compoundshowgirls.weebly.com if you aren't sure what a Showgirl is. These birds are extremely rare and valuable. I don't charge as much as they are really worth, since I've never had any interest in showing. I will happily hold them for you upon Paypal payment receipt. These are certainly fantastic show prospects. Showgirls are shown as AOV Silkies, and a Showgirl is a Showgirl, even if it is a boy. I have included some pics of their older siblings and their mothers, as well. These two birds are $45 each, or $80 for both.

    Shipping to just about anywhere in the contiguous U.S. is $50. I do have an approved shipping container for them to go in if necessary. I will send them to you ASAP upon Paypal payment receipt of $130. They DO have to go together if shipped, but not necessarily if they are picked up.

    I also have two breeder quality 6 week old Heterozygous Paint Showgirls available. They are too young to accurately sex. They are VERY faintly spotted, but will throw Paint babies. They would be a good start to a Paint program, though they are not perfect. They have good silkie type, good feet, and nice soft feathering, but they do have some light skin that I doubt will ever darken completely. Their sibling (who is NOT for sale) is absolutely beautiful, and was born with no pink skin whatsoever, a nice dark beak, decent spotting, and great dark yes without pigment holes, so they are quite capable of throwing babies of much better quality than themselves, with careful breeding. I have included a picture of the one chick out of this batch of babies that I AM keeping, as I don't have too many good pics of the ones I'm not super impressed with. These two (the SIBLINGS of the Paint pictured) are $30 each or $50 for both. I can ship them as well, but they would have to go together. Shipping is $50.

    If you would like all FOUR birds, you may purchase them for $120. They may also be shipped, but they do ALL have to go together in that case. Shipping for all FOUR birds is $60, for a total of $180.

    I am happy to hold these birds for pickup or the shipping date of your choice UPON RECEIPT OF PAYMENT to [email protected].

    Call or text 479-739-one864, or PM me on BYC if you have any questions not answered here.
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