White Araucana or Ameraucana Rooster Wanted!

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  1. dannypritchett01

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    Mar 24, 2008
    Marietta, SC
    I am looking for an all White Araucana or Ameraucana Rooster. I need him to not be hiding any colors behind the white. I want him to produce all White offspring when bred to all White hens. I don't know the difference about Recessive and Dominate other than Dominate white would mean they would always be white. But If youre anymore experienced with this than myself, enlighten me. How do you know if the Araucana or Ameraucana rooster is carrying the silver gene, or Dominate White gene such as in leghorns. Thats tricky to me, and I can't understand dna calculators online. Well, If you have one or maybe two that are solid white. No spots, specs, etc and youre wanting to sell him, just send me a pm or call me at (864)423-2924. Thanks so much guys and gals.
  2. Beth G.

    Beth G. Gaetano Family Farm

    Hi, I have an all white rumpless clean faced Araucana Rooster that will be 1 yr old in November. I live in CT so he would have to be shipped. Let me know if you are interested I will try to get a picture of him. I'm not sure about this question of recessive gene's etc... but his offspring thus far only a few months old were all white. [​IMG]

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