White Bantam Silkie Roo-Fair Oaks, CA

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  1. It is with a heavy heart that I offer Chester for adoption. i hatched him from an egg on February 3rd, so he is 20 weeks old now. I purchased the hatching eggs from a man who has his Silkie and Showgirl chickens all penned together. Chester's sisters turned out to be Showgirls. Chester may or may not carry the Showgirl gene, and I'm not sure how chicken genetics work anyways.

    He is the sweetest guy, easy to pick up and tote around. He loves sitting on my arm and being petted. He has never once been aggressive with any person. He is very gentle with his little sisters. He makes the cutest sounds, and seems to be turning into a very cool rooster - keeping a watchful eye out, clucking to his siblings when he finds a tasty treat. Our problem is that his crowing is distressing to our neighbors, and as we just recently moved here, we want to maintain a friendly environment.

    This would need to be a local pick-up. We are in Fair Oaks in Sacramento County in NorCal (Northern California).

    Here is the beautiful boy:

    Here are some pics of him with his sisters:
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    Jun 12, 2008
    Very pretty chicken, Im to far to help Sorry
  3. Well lucky me, i met a great guy yesterday to buy some pullets. Turns out he is on this board and mentioned he wouldn't mind a white silkie rooster. So Chester has a great new home with hens that don't run from him, and he can crow his little heart out. Plus, i got to see a cool backyard set-up which has inspired me to expand my pens and coops (don't tell my husband). i just love seeing what other people have in the way of chicken housing.

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