White Belgian Bearded D'Anver Cockerel with Blue Frizzled Silkie Pullet "Pair"

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    This elegant cockerel "Avalanche" is almost 20 weeks old and has parents from Boggy Bottom Bantams stock. He has nice form and large beard & muffs. He is holdable & not very flighty. He has been a good flock protector and is one of two roos to many for my flock.

    To sweeten the deal of rehoming him for me, I have a frizzled silkie pullet, very nice, of the same age --hatchmate-- who I'll send with him.
    She is a silkied variant of a "sizzle", so she could be useful in breeding sizzles.
    Hers is the last picture

    Both hatched Oct 1 & friendly with each other. Raised on organic feed.

    The smaller cockerel, "Rockslide", is available free too, with a partridge silkie pullet friend.

    Pickup or meet, can drive withing 30 minutes of N.E. Pittsburgh area.
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