White Bresse ***eggs to mature hens, chicks, POL and cockerels

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    May 31, 2010
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    My Bresse flock exploded. I have an excess amount of hens, point of lay pullets, 7 cockerels and eggs available. I have 3 different bloodlines via Greenfire Farms. Total of 30 POL - adult birds available and 17 older chicks ( 2.5 months).
    Local pick up is preferred, but I am willing to ship at buyers expense.
    Chicks- $15 or 10 for $100.
    POL pullets $25
    Mature Hens $30
    Cockerels $20

    Let me set you up with a flock of premier meat birds. They mature early and start laying between 4-5 months. Not only is the meat wonderful, they are prolific layers of medium/large brown eggs.

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