White Bresse Hatching Eggs Parents from Greenfire Farm

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    Nov 13, 2011
    10 American White Hatching Eggs parents are from Greenfire Farms
    A little history courtsey of Greenfire Farms:
    "About 500 years ago, Bresse (rhymes with “bless”) emerged as a distinct chicken breed in the former province of Bresse in eastern France. A unique and exquisite flavor.
    There are four varieties of Bresse: white, black, blue, and gray. The white variety is the best known and is used almost exclusively for meat production. A single large 7-lb. capon in a Parisian butcher shop can command the equivalent of $125 during the holiday season.
    The French argue that for a Bresse to be called a Bresse it must have been raised in France.

    I will ship on Monday.
    Thanks, Denise

    Auction will close Sunday night at 7:15 pm
    Please pay through PayPal [email protected]
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  2. Darn I wanted these! Crazy price though :/

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