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    can white chanteclers be feather sexed? I got two 3 day olds the other day and 1 had one row of wing feathers the other had two, one had a wider comb area the other narrow, are could this be a sign of one pullet and one cockerel or does it mean nothing?
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    No. Chanteclers are not wing sexable....which is not by the number of rows in the wing but the length of primary feathers to the covert feathers and must be done at the first day. (See link below, scroll down to about 3/4 of the page). RIR and NH are typically the breeds used for wing sexing as their lines have been manipulated for slow feathering males and fast feathering females. Only lines that have been bred for such can be wing sexed.

    Comb area may or not play into it. Chanteclers have cushion combs, but there are variances between general appearance due to the fact that the Chantecler is a breed that is struggling to maintain standard and numbers.

    If you've got hatchery stock, the birds will vary in appearance as they often aren't from the same parents. Eggs simply get put in the incubator as received, and chicks packed and orders come in.

    Wing sexing: http://articles.extension.org/pages/65437/sexing-day-old-chicks-on-small-and-backyard-flocks

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    There's another thought here. decades ago the Canadiens became very enamored with feather sexing their Birds
    they took a bunch of breeds that aren't normally feather sexed and created feather sexing Birds. Canadian light Sussex are one of them.
    so it might be possible that you have Chanteclers that could be feather sexed if they're of Canadian origin. I don't know it's an interest that would be an interesting study.
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    These are Canadian ones, we live in Nova Scotia :) that's why I decided to get some their a heritage breed I'm told so I wanted a couple... I didn't know light Sussex was one! That's interesting to know, I'm actually on the hunt for a couple but the demand for them seems to be a lot higher than the amount there is available for sale

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