white chicken, breed?

I think it is either a Rhode island white or a White Plymouth rock!
We have a white plymouth rock hen and a rooster who was supposed to be a rhode island white but he has a light red tent especially on his hackles. So i guess both are possible hopefully a hen and good eggs.
Rhode Island Whites are rose combed and basically you'll never see on except at a show. They're quite rare.

I'm guessing a white Rock hen.
Bodyshape is wrong for a rock. The tinting you mentioned gives it away as an Amberlink or Tetratint. They are hatchery leghorn hybrids.
THANKS they are very cute, I have 2 they both have narrow body's, I am assuming there mother is our white rock hen, father unknown, we let our silkie hatch them out with her 2 eggs for kicks and giggles. figure if they are males they are lunch and females more eggs for breakfast. I suspected the white rooster I had was a cross he was solid white until about 1 year old and then he started getting a red tint, the hen we bought with him was solid white also but she now has a lot of red in her hackles and some through the wings. still almost all white though.

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