White Chicken color


May 12, 2020
I have messaged a breeder about getting some chickens, and I am waiting to get pics. I will choose those with best type. It is black or white Cochin Bantams, but wha I choose depends on looks. Now this post isn’t just for Cochin Bantam owners, but anyone with white (or knowledge about white) chickens.
I’ve heard many different scenarios where pure white chickens turn brassy. These include eating corn, staying out in the sun, and more. I read this from Cochinsint and was wondering if anyone agrees to this? https://www.cochinsint.com/uploads/8/8/2/1/8821267/ci_-_granger_on_white_brassiness.pdf
Also, is brassiness affected by the silver or gold gene? Do I want to breed towards silver, or does it even matter?
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