white chinese geese


7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
Hello to all. I have these two white Chinese geese 6 months old One of them started to grow a knob faster and bigger more pronounced but I always thought that one to be a goose because its smaller thinner and more shy. The other one that I think is a gander is bigger more aggressive and taller but has a smaller knob. The other weird thing is that its starting I think to grow a dewlap I think. This is the pic I would like some help please thanks in advance. Could they both be ganders? The one with the bigger knob in the front looks big but is really considerable smaller than the other thanks

Im sorry but its really tricky as your description and picture just don't match up though I note what you say.

The bird in the foreground not only 'appears' bigger but looks more masculine too. At 6 months they're only just beginning to mature but behaviour is one of the best guides.

Regardless of sex you have 2 lovely birds there

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