white "circles" on my rooster's wattle


12 Years
Sep 28, 2009
Ok. I searched and searched. I can't find exactly what is going on with my boy, Elvis', wattle.

There are tiny little white spots that are red in the center. I recently treated for mites with this stuff the feed store told me was safe... "viper" dust.
I dusted because the girls haven't laid in full force for weeks. I thought, "mites!".
Two days ago (a day after the dusting), I noticed that everyone's feet looked enflamed and crusty. I treated today with campho-phenique and we'll see about that.
While treating I noticed Elvis has these tiny circles. It is almost like human's ringworm in reverse (what is red on us is white on him) and tiny. Smaller than the diameter of a pencil.
I have seen pictures of fowlpox and that isn't even close to it. Like I said, little circles. Not spots.
Oh... I'm in the south, so it isn't frostbite... and incase it matters... he is a Delaware.
Ok. upon googling "avian pox"... it may be the first stages... or maybe I'm being a hypercondriac over this....

Anyone know!?!?!
recently, yes. There used to be no problem with either, then in the last few months... lots of rain and now lots of bugs.

What do I do?!?! I don't want him to infect the girls, or the other flocks.
About to check out the link - thanks.

And for a pic, it would have to wait until at least tomarrow... and even then, Elvis has to be still, but I'll try.
THANKS! Just read the tread. I'm hoping we are right and it is pox... just because I would be at a total loss of what else it could be. I know now what I'm doing tomarrow... some serious misquito hunting and trying to get a pic of Elvis up close.

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