White Cochins - Dominant white or Recessive white?

I thought so, too.
I was told mine are recessive white when I got them from a breeder that had been breeding and showing them for about 10 years.
That is one reason I was thinking I might be able to use them in my Calico Cochins at some point.
Thanks for the answers! Does anyone know of a large fowl breed that has dominant white? I know curiosity kills the cat, but I can't help it!
I had this recessive white show up in my Bantam Golden Laced Cochins recently. I contacted the breeder that I got my dam and sire from, and she said that white was used several generations back to improve type, and shows up occasionally. Would I be correct that I don't want to use him at all in my GL breeding going forward? Once the white shows up, will it continue to display in the offspring?



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