White Crested Bantam Polish Pairs - NPIP- Prices starting at $110- Shipping is extra


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White Crested Bantam Polish Pairs


I have several pairs of bantam polish available for sale. These birds are offers in pairs ONLY, no single pullets are available at this time. These birds come from my show/breeder quality stock, but not all birds are show quality. Many of them have too much color in their crest for me to use in my breeding program, but are otherwise very nice quality birds in regards to body type, and size. My birds are breed in small breeding groups in standard colors. I do not mix colors that will result in a non-standard color.

Birds are fed Kings Brand Show and Grow pellets/ Kelp Meal/ and a mix of whole grains. They are NOT fed organic feed. They have not been treated with antibiotics, They have not been vaccinated for anything. They are treated with Frontline spray as a preventative for lice and mites.

Birds will be shipped weather permitting on both ends of the shipment. Buyer is responsible for letting seller know if weather will be cool enough on their end at the time of shipping. Temps should not be any higher than in the 80's to ship. I would not recommend shipping in freezing weather (not an issue on sellers end)

Prices are for the birds ONLY. Shipping is extra. Shipping is the actual cost of shipping plus the cost of the shipping box which is $15 per box for a single stall shipping box. Shipping birds is done at buyers own risk. Shipping policies are listed below.

More pictures are available upon request.
Please message me for additional pictures or see here-

Pair #2- $110

White Crested Frizzled Black Cockerel with a WC Chocolate Smooth Pullet. They are approximately 3 - 4.5 months old. The male is very nice quality/color and type. does not have too much color in his crest, and should grow out very nicely. The pullet has a patch of color on the back of her crest where I would prefer it to be white. Her size and body type are very nice.

Pair #3- $115
White Crested Black Frizzled Pullet with a Smooth WC Black Cockerel. They are approximately 4 months old. The male has very nice crest color, body type and size. The female has black feathers peppering her crest. That is the only reason I will not be using her to breed or show. Her body type and size are very nice.

Pair #4- $115
White Crested Black Frizzled Pullet with a Smooth White Crested Cuckoo Cockerel. Approximately 4 months old. The cockerel is very nice, has great crest color and cuckoo patter through out his feathering including through his tail.His body shape and size are very nice. The pullet has great type and size, but too much color through out her crest.

Pair #5 -$110

Smooth White Crested Cuckoo Pullet over a Frizzled White Crested Black Frizzled Cockerel. They are between 3-4 months old. The Pullet has nice type and size, but has some brassy color on the back of her neck. The cockerel has very nice shape and size, but too much color in his crest.

Pair #6 - $150

Smooth White Crested Black Pullet with a Frizzled White Crested Cuckoo Cockerel. Shape/type/size and crest color are VERY nice on this pair. They would be a great breeding pair and are show-able (in my opinion). They are approximately 5 months old. The female is not yet laying, the male is not yet mating.

Shipping Policies-
Buyers will be sent a PayPal invoice to pay for their birds. By paying that invoice buyer will be agreeing to the following policies-

By paying for live birds buyer is agreeing to the following conditions. Shipping live birds via USPS is a risk you as the buyer are taking. Once the bird leaves the sellers possession and is in the hands of the USPS seller no longer has control of the welfare of the bird. Seller cannot and does not guarantee live delivery.Seller assures the bird/birds were in great health when shipped. Refunds will not be given if bird is harmed during transport by USPS. Purchasing insurance is recommended at buyers own cost.
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