White Crested or Crested Pekin


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Jul 12, 2010
North Eastern Arizona
My son has a 4-H show this weekend and is borrowing another 4-H members Pekin duck, since ours are only a week old. Anyway, when we went to go meet this duck I was quite surprised to see a nice crest on its head. So, would it be a White Crested duck or a Crested Pekin? How do you tell the difference?
While the crest is a genetically determined trait- any breed ( although I am yet to see a crested muscovy... ) can be crested. In the show schedule here in Austalia- there are classes for Crested ducks by colour- rather than a seperate class in each breed for a crested variety. In most cases- there is just white and A.O.C ( Any other colour )

Best of luck to your son.. I hope he really enjoys the day...and brings hoem a ribbon or two as well.

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