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    Sep 10, 2011

    This is my first post and I have an issue with my Polish. I have three hens a polish, an Americana, and a white rock. The Polish is the bottom of the order. At night I will go out to the coop and the rock and Americana are roosted in the entrance, while the polish is nestled on the ground trying to bury herself in straw.

    Is this normal? The hens were given to me and I don't think the Polish fits in with these two. She appears frail and skittish. If someone knows about Polish behavior give me some guidance. I am willing to trade her for something less showy.


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    I have some gold laced and silver laced polish and they are very flighty and nervous. They were raised along side cochins, who are laid back and docile. My polish still panic every time I walk in the coop, even though its about the, oh, five hundreth time.
    I thought their showiness would compensate me for their temperments, but over the long haul, it mostly irritates me and I will be rehoming them.
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    How big is her crest? Sometimes the crest is so big they can't see well so she may not be able to see enough to get up on the roost. You may want to trim around her eyes and see if she can get along better and not be so afraid.

    Might help if you give your location if someone is willing to take her. You can't post pictures until after 10 posts unless you link your photo to another site but a pic would help.

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