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  1. ladybead

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    I have a White Crested Polish Chick that I got with the rest of my hens. I need to find a home for this chick. I do not know if it is a male or female. It is probably about 2-3 weeks old. I live in the High Desert of Los Angeles and would like to find a local place for this chicks home.
    Rose 661-733-3635
  2. Helen in the Desert

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    Jul 27, 2011
    Palm Springs
    Do you still have it? Did you get your chicks from a hatchery or a feed store? I am interested if you still have it, but would not be able to pick it up for a couple of weeks. around April 14. I drive back and forth from OC to the Palm Springs area, and could swing by you.
    Let me know if this sounds okay, and we can discuss by phone. Also, if you still have it and you find another home sooner, that won't hurt my feelings any [​IMG]
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  3. ladybead

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    This chick is about 5-6 weeks old now. I originally wanted to find a home for the chick as the others were pecking at him/her. They have stopped pecking and the head is no longer red, so we decided we will keep the chick if it turns out to be a girl as we do not want him to be alone in a cage as we have all female chicks and want to keep the rooster separate. Being new to raising chicks I do not know how to tell if it is a hen or a rooster. Do you want him if he turns out to be a rooster? I am in no rush and probably by mid-April we might be able to tell.

    We got our chicks locally from a person who brokered the deal. Rose
  4. nikkiquim

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    Apr 11, 2015
    if still available I would love to give a loving home
  5. ladybead

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    Hi, I am still waiting to find out if it is a hen or roo. If it is a roo I will need to find a home for him as I am not set up for 2 chicken coops and have all females. As I am new to chicken raising I didn't know when I bought the chick that it wasn't a hen. This chick is about 6-7 weeks old from what I have been reading I should know when the chick is about 8 weeks old. You can contact me in about 2 weeks through email ladybead7@gmail.com

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