White Crested Polish Rooster

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    Dec 8, 2009
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    I have a 1 1/2 year old White Crested Polish Rooster who is desperately looking for some girls. He has produced some babies which turned out beautiful with HUGE crests. However, I am overrun with roosters and had to make some very difficult choices of who needs to be rehomed.

    His name is Raggmopp. The poor dude is being picked on relentlessly by my bantam Cochin. Both are hurting each other and I'm afraid one will get horribly wounded.

    Raggmopp is people friendly and very curious with other animals (since he has no girls of his own, he's been checking out the cats). The only time he's ever kicked me was when I was wearing a certain pair of checkered shoes. He doesn't seem to like them and they freak him out a bit. Otherwise he just follows me around the yard as I work on things. Can someone please give this lonely boy a home? I am unfamiliar with shipping chickens, so it will need to be a "pick up". I can meet part way depending on your location.

    You can see Coach (the cochin) in the background of this pick, just waiting to pounce on Raggmopp.

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