White D'Anver cockerel, 3 mo, Pittsburgh area

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    Oct 6, 2009
    S.W Pennsylvania
    This rare-colored D'Anver is from Boggy Bottom Bantam's Lavender-Cuckoo stock, and although he's white he carries the lavender gene.
    He hatched 03/30/2010. He's been vaccinated against Marek's, and eats an organic fed, with lots of gathered greens & insects to supplement.
    I got 3 roos & 1 hen from my hatch . My dominant roo stays, so this little guy needs a new home. He has a lavender cuckoo brother also listed.
    He has nearly white legs, crows well, and is docile.
    I can drive up to 90 minutes from P'burgh, PA to meet, or pickup is fine, sorry, no shipping.
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