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    I heard through the grape vine of breeders here in Washington State that you can breed white dominiques. One of the breeders also mentioned that they knew someone in the southeast states who did. But they have no idea how to breed them. I am fascinated that you can breed White Dominiques. I only breed and have the normal feather pattern, but am very interested in how to breed white dominiques. I thought it would be an interesting project. If anyone knows any breeders that have white dominique's or sell hatching eggs or any other information on how to do this it would be greatly appreciated!
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    If I wanted to produce a white domi, this is how I would go about it. You are going to have to out cross to a white bird to get the genes needed to make a white bird. The easiest white bird to find that is close to the body conformation of a domi is a Plymouth Rock. There are other white birds you could out cross to but the body conformation is not as close and some would be more difficult to find. A white langshan would be great but they are hard to find and you would have to deal with additional genetic differences.

    1. Find a male that has a superior body conformation and all the characteristics of the breed. You want a light colored male.

    2. Cross the superior male with a white rock female = F1 offspring will be black and barred - pick out a male who looks the most like the superior male. If the white rock is carrying dominant white, then some or all of the offspring will be white

    3. Cross the best F1 male with the best F1 female(s) = F2 pick out the best looking white females ( one in four will be white)

    4. Back cross the superior male (the male in #1) to the F2 white females= BC1F1 birds

    5, Cross the best body conformation BC1F1 male and BC1F1 female= cross until you some BC1F2 white males and females

    If you can always use a rose comb bird to cross, in cross # 5 only use rose combed birds

    If you get white birds with greenish black legs that means they do not carry the barring gene. Do not use birds that have black or greenish black legs in the crosses. This may occur in one cross. If the white rock carry barring this should not be a problem.

    It is very important that you get the body conformation correct. If not, all you will have are rose combed white plymouth rock. Domi should stand more upright- similar to an oriental game or langshan. Not straight up like game do but more upright than rocks. If you are into domi you already know this. This is for the individuals who are not familiar with the breed.

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