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Michael Stamati

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Jul 28, 2013
hello from Greece .
recently acquired a pair of white ducks, can i obtain through the pair of white ducks, a greenhead duck??or only white ducks ???
thank you.
If they are Pekins, I believe they will breed true, and produce white ducks. If there are Rouens available, you could cross them and end up with some more green-headed drakes. I am not an expert on genetics and coloring, but there are forum members who understand these things.

In the breeds with green heads, I think that there are some different colorings depending on whether it is mating season or not, also.

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Very lovely ducks. Have you seen this? Very helpful information.


I don't know if the picture is just their travel box or their brooder (house). But they will be healthier with some clean dry straw, or even old towels that get changed out a few times a day. And something to safely wash their little heads in. You can find this information in the link I sent, and there is a Stickies section at the top of the Duck Forum.

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he told me that this is a pair .the male is larger than female.i only care to reproduce ,not be sterile(mule ) from a cross ...
The only time you would get a sterile, mule cross is if you bred any mallard-derived domestic duck with a Muscovy. And as far as I know, all domestic ducks except Muscovy are mallard-derived. Did that make sense? As long as you don't cross a Muscovy with any other domestic, your offspring will be fertile (unless there is a health problem, and I think that is very rare).
I see from your avatar you are holding a Muscovy. If your white ducks are Muscovy, they can breed with other colored Muscovies. And I have seen many different color patterns of Muscovy here on the Duck Forum.
wow ....i have 11 muscovies.and recently i buy the lovely ducklings in photo.
dear Amiga ,thank you very much,your informations and the link(which i will read later,because now i have to study for the university :p ),were very helpful.
i am huppy !!!!
Good, I pray you do well in all your studies and your work, and when you have time, please send us an update about your flock
yes ,his name is Michael the Dragon
,i have one white muscovy,2 black&white and the Michael.yes i saw more and beautiful colors in other muscovies... the pair in photo is not muscovies .i will upload more photos next time,
nice to meet you,

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