White Egg laying TRIO BUFF LEGHORN/Minorca TN

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    Jun 30, 2009
    Lebanon TN
    These girls are super egg producers laying daily all summer but now laying every other day or so..they don't really care for Winter.Year and a half old one is even a broody which is very rare but she did much better than the incubator with a 100% hatch and a 100% raised record.They lay a 55 gram egg so they are paired with a Spring 09 Buff Minorca which lays a much larger white egg and looks like a leghorn except for leg color so the look stays pretty much the same. He's very easy to live with but a little loud.He is recovering from thinking he needed to pick on a bigger roo and got a wattle injured(far from life threatening injury!)
    ONLY letting these go as I'm reducing my pairs and trio's so the pastures can be used for my larger flocks.WILL NOT SHIP WILL NOT SEPARATE unless you only want the rooster
    Many Many other young adults and tween's for sale right now(Wynett'es BCM chicks,EE,Halo's blue Rocks,SC RIW,Black Australorp pair or trio-laying,PM me for more)

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