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    Aug 14, 2011
    I know there is often discussion on distinguishing the differences between Dark Pied and Split to White. I have seen several photos of single gene white-eyed (shows only some white ocelli) and double gene white-eyed (shows almost all white ocelli). The chicks seem to show characteristics of a split to white or a dark pied. I was curious if there is any identifiable differences between young birds (say up to 12 months) of white-eyed and the others? I know I am complicating things, but what about a bird carrying the pied gene (single or double copy) and the white eyed gene and no white gene?

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    check the thread about what color is the hen.....next to a blue hen...note the frosted look or grey cast.
    same with young peachicks...help to look at them next to a normal blue. split pied dont show, need record to know.

    sorry for late reply ...real slow right now.
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