White Faced Black Spanish and Barred Rock Bantams and Standard Black Cochins - Arkansas

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    Jun 23, 2008
    DeQueen, AR
    For Sale: Pair of White Faced Black Spanish Bantams, 1 Barred Rock Bantam Hen, and a Pair of Standard Black Cochins. All are under a year old, and the hens have been laying for about a month. Will sell or trade for White Rocks(hens and rooster), Speckled Sussex(rooster), Australorp(hens and rooster), Silver Laced Wyandotte(hens), Columbian Wyandotte(rooster), Ameraucana(rooster), or Guineas,

    Friend Listing: Brown(Rose or Straight comb) X White Leghorn Cross chicks ($1.75 a piece straight run) will start hatching on the 27th. Also, for sale 1 Registered Treeing Walker Coon Dog ($100). WTB a Ameraucana rooster.

    Located in DeQueen, AR

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