White Faverolle Cockerel For Sale, WA/OR/ID

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  1. I have a very nice, white Faverolle cockerel for sale or trade. He was hatched in May. He has good foot feathers, BIG puffy cheeks & all of his extra toes, although the separation could be better. Because he was a fluke (I'm hoping!?) I have decided to sell him & focus on the salmons. If he's not sold, I'll be keeping him & tracking down a white faverolle pullet to go with him. Save me from myself! [​IMG]

    Make an offer.

    I will be taking a trip to Wenatchee at the end of this month to drop off a cochin cockerel & several black orps & to pick up a pair of Spitz & another pair of Cayugas--so I can easily transport him there. I will also be taking a trip to Oregon (Portland area) in November and would be willing to deliver him to that area, as well.

    Will consider trades for other rare poultry.
  2. Here are some pics:

    RUHAMA In the Brooder

    Aug 29, 2007
    Beautiful! Too bad that I am not closer.....
  4. I know, I wish you were closer & thanks for the compliment! [​IMG]
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    Now that is one beautiful handsome roo! Call on Catalupa Farm for a white pullet for him LOL!
  6. lockedhearts

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    Apr 29, 2007
    I guess we aren't saving you from yourself.......[​IMG]

    He is very pretty, just think how cute his "kids" would be......[​IMG]
  7. Quote:Thanks! Oh no....LOL I just (last night) broke the news to hubby that I might have 10+ breeds & oh by the way, I need another 6 coops!
  8. Quote:[​IMG] NO, you're not! You're NOT helping AT ALL! [​IMG]

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