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  1. So I thought I had three faverolle pullets--but my one white one is looking more & more like a roo, every day! I checked out feathersite & saw the White Favs...and he's from "show bird lines." He's very cute, pure white & has big puffy cheeks & lots of foot feathering. I'm asking $25 for him.
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  2. tiki244

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    Jan 1, 2008
    I dont know, but I have a cockeral who is 4 months and still not in his adult featherstyle.
  3. I would sell him to keep with pure salmon faverolles. Did the breeder you got the eggs from also sell white faverolles? If so, maybe he got the eggs mixed up.
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    Maybe he's recessive white and a couple of the breeder's birds carry the gene? If just one hen and his rooster hide it maybe that's what happened. He's still a colored bird underneath however since white just masks it. I would think if you can't get a salmon boy and it IS the recessive white you could breed him to a salmon hen and hopefully she is not carrying the gene and you get salmon chicks. And just remember to note that those chicks will carry it. Eventually you can breed it out. At least from what I understand about the gene, I have not actually tried to breed white out of anything.
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    Catalupa Farms and other smaller Fav breeders DO have White Faverolles...yep they are out there! These breeders have been working on them for some time.

    White with salmon is a wild card.....either you get a washed down salmon color or pure white. I am not too familiar with the background on the whites since they have crossed them with a white fifth toe breed also french breeding.

    Good luck!
  6. LilPeeps

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    I have a pair of chicks from a white x salmon crossing. They're black with silver (the white is out of black lines.)

    Here are a few pics




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    Whoa, Julie, thank you so much for posting those pictures!!!!

    I am hornswoggled....
    in a good way....
    Who'd a thunk it....
    A white and a salmon giving you a black and silver...

    Genetics rocks !!!!

  8. EweSheep

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    Looks like little eaglettes! I must say they are UGLY LOL! Who knows once they are fully matured, maybe they will be pretty.

    Looks like birchen colored on the one with lighter head.
  9. Shaffer

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    Jan 2, 2008
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    I gave my friend a cull from one of my projects that resembles a Lavender Favrolles and dumped several chicks just like that also but they did not have feather on their legs or the extra toe.
    If anyone would be interested possibly next year if I get some look-a-likes let me know. HS
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    We got some salmon faverolle chicks from Duane Urch and got one that was white. It turned out to be a male. He had great type and all but he had a little white in the earlobes and some color in his wing bow. We sold him to a trader and he went for meat.

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