White Giant hen is "Stuck-Up"??

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    I have 1 pair of white giants in a coop who are about a year old. They came from 2 different locations so basically I "married" them because I want to sell and incubate their eggs.
    They have been together for a couple weeks now and I dont think the hen wants anything to do with her new "husband", because they havent mated yet in fact she hasnt even laid an egg yet. All she does is prance around and preen herself as if she is sooooo above this!
    What can I do or should I do anything?

    By the way her name is "Victoria's Secret" I hope she's not living up to the glamour!

  2. dainerra

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    Jun 4, 2011
    just because you don't see them mating doesn't mean he isn't getting the deed done.

    If you recently relocated the birds, it can take a couple weeks before she settles in enough to lay an egg. Give her time and don't disturb her. It's also not quite spring, so the reduced daylight might be having an impact also.

    1 hen isn't going to give you a lot of eggs to sell/incubate - 1 a day at most.
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    You are right, its soo hard to find white giants around where I live at least grown.

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