White Goose with Blue eyes...what breed

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  1. I went to the Jockey Lot...Flea Market, Car Boot Sale (depends on where you live) [​IMG] and saw a white goose with nice bright blue eyes, orange bill and feet, nice and clean. The money was burning a hole in my pocket but I came away without it. It was in with another white goose that was very vocal but this 1 sat quiet, I stuck my finger in and it just sort of looked at it like yup...a finger. I went back 3 times to look at it. So back to my question. What sort of goose was it. White with Blue eyes. I might go back tomorrow and see if it is still there. If so, do you all think I should get it. $25...a steal or a dooby

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    thats a steal! and did it have a knob on its head or a smooth beak?
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    Well I cant tell you for sure, there are numerous breeds of white geese (and they should have blue eyes). If It large and solid built Its probably an Embden goose (meat bird) If its a sleeker build with a long neck with a knob (bump) on its face Its most likely a Chinese goose. I wouldnt spend more then 25 $if your looking at getting a market bird.
  4. Quote:Smooth beak...there were some with a knob on their beaks and while I was leaning over looking at the nice 1 with blue eyes these white knobbed nose geese were giving me hell, so was a HUGE African goose. Just looked at Metzers site, it looks like it was an Embden goose.
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    These are Chinese - with the knob

    The front goose with small knob is a goose (girl) and the other two with huge knobs are ganders (boys)


  6. Quote:Silly question ....did those geese eat all the grass, and will they eat grass down so that in the end its just mud. That is 1 of the reasons why the money is still in my pocket. When I went to pick up my drakes from Iamcuriositycat she had 2 geese and lots of grass
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    Not a silly question - I don't have any grass cause I live in the desert. We average 7 inches of rain a year.

    My geese have to nibble on the few weeds that can grow with such little water.

    But if you only have a small area - they will eat the grass up, they also dig holes, and you should have at least two - they are very social and need a friend.

    Mine are mean to my ducks and chickens - so I recommend them being house apart - BUT there are people who have geese who live happily with ducks.
  8. Quote:I noticed where you lived once I had sent my last question. They have about an acre of grass and he/she would be sharing with 6 ducks..the 5 babies are in a separate area.
    I know they say to get 2 thats why Im undecided, I wanted to get 1 to start with and see how it goes.
  9. Well im going back to the flea market. WILL I or WONT I get the goose.....I dont know yet.

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    Did you get it?

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