White Guinea Rooster *Local Pickup SW Ga*


9 Years
Nov 18, 2010
Southern Georgia
My Coop
My Coop
Local Pickup Only in SW Ga, paypal or cash

White Guinea Rooster, ~9 months old

Will Trade for: (must be at least 3 months old)
LF Welsummer pullet/hen
LF Leghorn, light or dark brown, pullet/hen
LF Dominique pullet/hen
LF Mottled Ancona pullet/hen
LF Splash Cochin cockeral/rooster
LF Blue Cochin pullet/hen
Bantam Pair Modern Game, any color except solid black
Sebright pair, not gold laced
Cayuga pullet/hen, (black/grey egg layer)
3+ Peacock eggs, any color

I may be open to other pullets/hens, but I do not want RIRs, Barred Rocks, Sexlinks, etc.
I plan on going to the TSC swap in Tallahassee on June 3rd, I would be able to bring him there.

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