White hens?

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    I've been trying to determine the breed of these two white hens that were given to me.
    One is pure white, I call her Purl ~ she's my wandering girl, stopping in for my daily offerings, dustbathing, and refusing my roo's love with the fluffed fearhers and wide-spread wings. Researching breeds, Purl resembles the Chantecler's
    #2 is White, with a red- blushed breast, ~ She's "Robin", lays 1 green egg daily. & adores my roo. Robin looks like the Aracauna's in the breeds index, especially her breast & head!
    Info I was given about these girls: Araucana's orAmeracauna's, 3 years old. One(Purl) is a suspected egg eater. No, no pictures to post, my camera is not working. Guess it really doesn't matter, as long as everyone is healthy & get along! I'm just a NUTTY LADY![​IMG]
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    I'm hoping for pics soon. [​IMG]

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