White Leghorn Bantams Standard

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    Hey Folks,

    I just recently bought 7 pairs of White Leghorn bantams from a breeder at a chicken show. I have never owned any exhibition poultry before as I always wanted production. However I saw how pretty these were and now it put my head a spinning. I have had them about 2 months now but I really need to cull some of the extra roosters. He made me buy all 7 pairs instead of all the hens and 2 roosters. So 2 months now I have been trying to decide who to cull. I dug out all my books and couldn't find out what the standard was for bantams. Someone said I had to buy the bantams standards. So I have to order that so I can start breeding my Barred Rock Bantams I just bought properly too. However I was hoping that someone on here would be kind enough to pm me the standards for the White Leghorn Bantam until I can order it and get it on the way. I have a chance to move a few of the roosters and I need to get them out of here asap. Will anyone help me out. Also where is the cheapest place to order the bantams standards. How often do new editions get published.

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