White Leghorn chicks with blood on comb


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My daughter caught two of my purported roos biting each other's combs and now they both have small dabs of blood on their combs. Should I quarintine them or bluekote them or both? I think they're going through the pecking order stuff as lately some have squared off with lots of wing flapping and feather ruffling. They got along perfectly last week now that they're almost 6.5 weeks old they're acting up!
Mine had that a while back and I dabbed a little neosporin (non-numbing) on the spots. Cleared it up quickly!
They'll get over it. I had two 3 month old leghorn roos go at each other so badly that when I found them after work, their faces were ripped up, their neck feathers smeared in blood, both were lying on the ground, with beaks clamped onto each others heads, just twitching and making half hearted bites again and again. Walked up to the two tired roosters who would never let you within 10 feet and picked the two limp noodles off the floor as they continued to stay latched together. Rinsed them both off and let them go on their way. Looked a bit rough for a week or two, but both healed up and grew out till butcher day and never fought each other or any other rooster again. If the wounds aren't bad, I wouldn't worry about. Boys will be boys.
That's kind of what I'm thinking. I just saw them tussle again - one grabbed the other by the comb and twisted. I figure it's just pecking order stuff working it's way around. They've been together since hatch. I do think I have one hen in there - but they're too young to be showing off for her. I think it's just boys being boys.

Oh why can't we all just get along!
They all went up the ramp into the coop about 8pm and settled in together in the corner where they lay to sleep like no one had ever even had a squabble. I think I will give them space about this pecking order stuff and let them work it out unless someone becomes terribly injured. I do have BlueKote just in case.

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