White Leghorn lays beige/pink eggs?


10 Years
May 10, 2010
I am 99.9% sure it's my white leghorn. She's been laying for 3 weeks today, and has only missed two or so days since then. If I go outside at about the time I find an egg, she's the only one I've ever found in the hen house.

However, the eggs she lays aren't pure white. They look *almost* white, but not exactly.

I'm really sad because today, she laid one that was that same beige-y color, but with white speckles. Unfortunately, my five year old was so excited by it that she grabbed it and dropped it on the tile floor.

Here's a photo of hers compared with a storebought white egg.


Anyway, I've wondered about the fact that I'm sure she's a mutt. She has the occasional black feather, and I've wondered if maybe that's the cause of the color variation.

Here's Clover:

So, what do you think?
She looks a little like mine and I was told it was a California White. She also is laying "tinted" white eggs. They seem to have just a little pink or beige tint to them.
My leghorns are snow white with white earlobes no black feathers and I was thinking the same thing. The eggs ARE white, but not as chalky white as a storebought white egg. maybe it's due to the washing process the storeboughts go through?
Yes she looks like a half white leghorn and they DO lay slightly off-white colored eggs.

These girls are the result of my RIR roo over White Leghorn hens:

And they lay the off white colored eggs in the center row:
This is our egg we found this morning. It is either from our leghorn or a duck egg, but wouldn't a duck egg be bigger? anyway here is a picture comparing it to a store bought egg.

I have the same problem except mine were called California white becuase they have some black speckles in the hends. The eggs are not as white as I was told they would be, the are beige.
Yes. I went out to the nesting boxes this morning and found a super tiny egg the size of a tablespoon the only chickens i have that lay white eggs are my silkie and 4 white leghorns. It was a creamy beige color like yours. I didn't know if it was the silkie or leghorn. Anyone know if the first egg is maybe a creamy color?

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