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Feb 29, 2020
Long time lurker, first time posting - If I'm in the wrong thread, I apologize in advance.

We have a small flock of 5 birds in Mesa Arizona and one of our chicks ended up being a rooster. He's about 6 months old and has started crowing constantly and it may become an issue for our neighbors. We've decided to re-home him. If anyone is in the Mesa/Chandler/Gilbert area of Arizona and would like a healthy 6 month(ish) old White Leghorn Rooster please let me know.

We are looking for a home for a loud but otherwise loved pet and for the right home we are not asking for payment.


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Apr 6, 2014
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Trying to rehome roosters is a challenge. Most roosters, (not all) end up becoming a meal for someone. I do not see this as a bad thing. A rooster lives a good life with only one bad day. That is better than what hatcheries do with their unwanted cockerels... :hit I BTW only keep hens, and only a small flock of pets. Not allowed to keep roosters in my area. I do not eat my pets, but do eat chicken from the grocery store as well as KFC.
I do have a suggestion for a possible option for your rooster adoption. Post your message on the Local Arizona State thread.
https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/arizona-chickens.31227/page-7127There you target readers in your area. I do hang out on that thread, but do not know of anyone in particular looking for your particular breed of rooster. That does not mean that there aren't any. There are many more READERS, than Posters.
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and :welcome

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Oct 28, 2018
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Hope you found a home for him. It's tragic to want to do everything to keep them and come up helpless in the end. Maybe see if there is a veterinarian in your area willing to caponize him. It won't stop his ability to crow, but it'll dampen his desire to. It reduces territorial and sexual behaviors like crowing. fighting, mating, etc. They chill out. The veterinarians in my area are mostly useless. I hope you have better luck. Perhaps even an experienced farmer can help you. If not, I hope someone comes along to love him. Best wishes ~ <3

I understand your intentions are good, but it was described as a loved pet. Please be mindful that being forced to give up a pet is very hard for most people. We can be helpful without being hurtful.
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