white leghorn with blue skin?


11 Years
Jul 21, 2008
Nor Cal
I just noticed that one of my (supposedly) white leghorn chicks has feet more like an EE than a WL -- that greenish bluish color. And her skin seems dark, too... kind of a blue tint. She's also fluffier and more yellow than the others. (Brighter, not deeper like a BO.)
Should I be worried (is bluish skin some bad sign)? Did I get some breed I don't know about? Or is she probably just some accidental cross?
I'm surprised I didn't notice before, but then I've been spending all my spare time trying to nurse a little broke-leg RIR back to health...
I just read on the Belt Hatchery website that their EEs can be "white, black, or speckled". Is it possible she's a white EE... has anyone had a white EE before? The first clutch I got, they were all the dark/golden feathers, many with the pretty "Cleopatra" eyeliner.

I thought the hatchery had messed up and sent me 8 leghorns and 6 EEs instead of the other way around, but maybe they got the numbers right after all, and I'm just silly!
It's possible. I was at a feed store once and for some odd reason, they had about a dozen white EE's with green legs and beards that a customer snatched up as soon as they came out of the box.
Count the toes and look at the comb. If it has 5 toes with fuzzy legs, it probably a silkie. If toes are normal and clean, look at the comb closely.. if it does not look like a single comb, either being flat or a line of bumps(not on a straight little blade that is) it could be pea comb, which would make EE a good guess for it.
it has 4 toes and clean legs... the comb is so tiny it's hard to tell what it looks like! just a small, low, tiny straight row, I think.

ETA: that pic looks like what I imagine my girl will look like in 3 weeks or so... thanks for the photo! small comb, white feathers, blue legs. I've already named her "booby," I know that sounds bad, but boobies are white birds with blue feet and it just seemed to fit!
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I have 2 white EEs that came from Cackle--they look very much like Carousel's. Very pretty birds, but my two are not the friendliest in my coop. Out of 47 chicks including Welsies, Marans, Delawares and several other breeds--these 2 are the flightiest so far.

Here's Lucy at about 6 wks.



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