White Leghorns May Lay Soon?


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Jun 15, 2016
I have four white leghorn hens that I got at the very end of April. I'm not sure how old they were when we got them, maybe two weeks or so? It is nearing August now and we don't have nesting boxes ready. We are in the middle of remodeling and my husband is working on that after work and on weekends so I feel bad rushing him to make nesting boxes. Do you think we will need them ASAP or is it something that can wait until the end of this month? These are my first chickens so I don't know what to expect. Thanks!
When she start to get close to starting her comb will enlarge and get bright red and shiny, so that would be your first indicator. Leghorns generally start at around 4 months of age.
Soon, white leghorns can start to lay at 4 months, as do sex-links which I have,started laying yesterday at 4 months to the day. A second hen layed today. Good luck getting them boxes built. GC
Thanks guys, guess it's time to start rushing him to make the boxes

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