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    my hen had 2 white liquid poops yesterday. She really didn't seem to have much interest in eating by the afternoon either. We've had a little stress in the coop. Newbies since last weekend but they are in a separte coop but visible in run. Plus there is a 18 week pullet in the crate in the big coop which she seems to be very interested in. I've let the little one out and my hen does well with her. A little chasing and slight pecking but that is expected. I actually think she wants her out as company. My hen has a roo as company but since it's only her I KNOW she's had enough of that company, thus the reason for getting her some backup. The other 3 hens are older. We plan to introduce this weekend and co-habitate in harmony hopefully. However, I'm very very concerned about the white poop. She is currently on Baytril for a respiratory issue. Would that cause the white liquid poop? I've read all sorts of issues but not all the symptoms sound like hers. She pecked the ground all day yesterday but didn't go to her food dish. She also hasn't laid an egg in 3 days. However, she typically doesn't lay an egg every day. Usually once ever other but occasionally we'll go a few days with an egg every day. I really think the egg issue is stress. But please if you know what the white poop or have any ideas on what I should do please let me know ASAP. thanks!
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