White MARANS Breeders...Genetic HISTORY Needed!!


10 Years
Aug 24, 2009
I sooooo hope I've posted this in the correct section
I was given as a GIFT (what I "believe" to be, a pullet) wht marans chick. I'm looking for more detailed info than what the 'general web' can provide me at this point & time. This is a healthy, vigerous chick that is also very friendly, lovable and easily messed with. It is pure Marans, & I was TOLD it was from Jesse Bryant line, but have found no proof to such, nor prooof to deny this fact. Do any of you have additional info on these WHITE marans, lines? I raise Cuckoo's and BC's but white is new to me, she was a gift. I'm all ears and will sponge up whatever you can provide...Thanks so much! (PS. His wht birds were PHENOMINAL!)

So far as I know, Jesse never had whites. He was selling black coppers from Wade Jean. The birds he was selling throw wheatens fairly frequently, but I have never heard of any throwing whites.....

ETA: post some pics!
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Well the guy who gave it to me said his whites came from Jesse, and he had a whole flock of them when I was there...nice birds, good feathering on legs, and were rather large/heavy. Thanks for the info all...Iappreciate it. I have some of Jesse's birds as well and is why I wondered

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