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Ok, now I am a little confused. I have my brooder all set up and waiting for my new chicks to arrive. A fellow I work with me who also raises chickens told me to make sure I got the white heat lamp bulbs. But now I just read on a hatchery website to never use the white ones, only the red ones.

I am turning to all you experts to fill me in on what you use and does it make a difference?
An infrared lets them experience night and day cycles (unless it's the only source of light). A white light means it's daylight 24/7. They'll sleep better with a red light and maybe grow better with more sleep.
The red decreases fights and remains the peace!! The white doesnt. Get red!!

I agree with that. The red is dimmer so it allows them to sleep as well. Try sleeping with a bright white bulb on top of you. I think I'd go nuts.
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I have both, white for daytime use, red for night time use.
But right now I only have 1 chick that hatched so the incubator IS the brooder... this will change come Monday or Tuesday though, as I have 26+ chicks coming from McMurray Hatchery(the + is for any living packing peanuts they add for warmth)!
Tractor supply sold me a 250 watt red bulb. After reading here (shattering and fire hazzard), I am very nervous about it and only use it while I'm in the room. I use a white light at night and while I'm away from the house. I still need to make the decision on what to do from now on, because I'd like to quit using that red light (with such high wattage). I may get a lower wattage reptile light.
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